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Profesor, Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines,  Gdańsk University of Technology

Ryszard Strzelecki was born on September 28, 1955 in Bydgoszcz (Poland). In 1981 he graduated with honors from Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Department of Electronics. In 1984 in the same Institute he completed postgraduate studies and defended his thesis for the degree of the Candidate of Technical Sciences on the theme “Application of Theory of Moments for Analysis and Synthesis of Voltage Converters”. In 1991 in Institute of Electrodynamics UkrSSR in Kiev he defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences on the theme “Prediction Control of the Self Commutation Power Electronics Converters”. Ryszard Strzelecki is an expert in the field of power electronics, especially in the area focused on topologies, methods and algorithms of control and industrial application of power electronics systems, in particular, in the field of power quality improvement, power flow control and distributed power supply including smart grid. He is the author of over 200 scientific articles in journals and at conferences, as well as 6 monographs and 13 patents (2 – USSR, 11 – Poland). He also has experience in managing research teams and cooperation with different research and development centers (including, in particular, ITMO University) and industry representatives. Currently, he is working at Gdansk University of Technology (Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering) and is managing the Baltic Laboratory of Power Electronics Technology (located in Gdynia) of Electrotechnical Institute in Warsaw.

Professor, ITMO University


Profesor, Universite de Lille

Alain BOUSCAYROL received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France, in 1995. From 1996 to 2005, he was Associate Professor at University Lille1, Sciences and Technologies, France, where he has been a Professor since 2005.
From 1998 to 2004, he managed the Multi-machine Multi-converter Systems project of GdR-ME2MS, a national research program of CNRS (French National Centre of Scientific Research). Since 2004, he has managed the national network on Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MEGEVH, http://l2ep.univ-lille1.fr/megevh/ ) France. Since 2014. In 2014, he has been nominated Chair of the Vehicle Power Propulsion technical committee by IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (http://www.vtsociety.org/ ). Since 2014, he has been appointed Associate Editor of IEEE transactions on Vehicular Technology..
His research interests at the L2EP (Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Lille, http://l2ep.univ-lille1.fr/ ) include graphical descriptions (Energetic Macroscopic Representation…) for control of electric drives, wind energy conversion systems, railway traction systems, hybrid electric vehicles and hardware-in-the-loop simulation. His collaborative works with industry on energy management for vehicles include Siemens Transportation Systems, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Nexter Systems and Valeo.