The International Conference on Electrical Power Drive Systems takes its origin since 1947, it is held every 2-3 years. Until 1991, the Conference had the All-Soviet Union status, since 1987 it has received the International status.

The first Conference was held in December 1947 in Leningrad, by the initiative and under the direct supervision of Professor V.K. Popov in the form of a meeting of the scientific and technical session on the electric drives. It initiated regular meetings of a wide range of electric power engineers of the country.

127 scientists took part in the first Conference, 70 reports were made in 5 sections. The Conference discussed issues related to the restoration of industry destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, the issues of power engineering of powerful electric drives, the theory of a DC electric drive. Having become regular, the Conference was subsequently held in different cities. The geography of the Conference covers almost all regions of Russia. In Soviet times, it was held in many capitals of the Union republics: in Yerevan, Tbilisi, Baku, Tallinn, Tashkent and Alma-Ata. In the 21st century, the Conference took place in Magnitogorsk (2004), St. Petersburg (2007), Tula (2010), Ivanovo (2012), Saransk (2014), Perm (2016), Novocherkassk (2018).

The conference in Perm was the first which gained IEEE support and was indexed in IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Scopus and Web of Science.


City Number of participants Russian papers IEEE papers
Tula 2010 180 130
Ivanovo 2012 210 170
Saransk 2014 235 250
Perm 2016 160 141 55
Novocherkassk 2018 110 40 63
Saint Petersburg 2020 164 25 64