Saint Petersburg 2020

The International Conference on Electrical Power Drive Systems (ICEPDS 2020) was held on 5 and 6 Oct 2020 in ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was conducted in a mixed format due to the COVID-19 situation. All sessions were online as a virtual event, but participants from Russia were able to come personally to the venue of the conference.


The event attracted more than 164 participants from both academy and industry from all over Russia and participants from Algeria, Austria, Belarus, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, the UK, and the USA. There were 63 papers presented. The sessions were live-streamed to the electrical engineering students of ITMO University and Moscow Power Engineering Institute in order to increase the impact of the event and to promote IEEE in Russia.

The following keynotes were delivered during the conference:

  • Frede Blaabjerg: Wind Power – A technology enabled by power electronics;
  • Mariusz Malinowski: Fault tolerant smart transformer in distributed energy systems – opportunities and challenges;
  • Vadim Utkin: Sliding mode control of induction motors and power converters;
  • Viktor Bondarenko: Development of a 6-axis Robotic Manipulator for Stereotactic Surgery;
  • Valentin Khomyak: The state and development prospects of the rowing facilities electric drive;
  • Valentin Tomasov: Electric drives for high-precision optical measurements. Problems and solutions.

Keynote Sessions

Mixed Format Sessions