Q: I have national letters in my name / surname (such as É, Ü). How can I recognize its transliteration (Latin alphabet characters)?

A: If you have chosen English all your answers must be only in English with the use of the Latin alphabet characters. If characters of the national alphabets (such as Ñ, É, Ü or Ç) areused in the names it is necessary to indicate the transliterated meanings that are presented in the first machine-readable line of your passport when filling in the relevant fields of the application form. For example, if the names in the visual area of the passport are “Séo Türre” then you are required to use names from the machine-readable line “Seo Tuerre” when filling in the application form. Surname and given name of the applicant are required.


Q: Does e-visa valid for visits Moscow?

A: You couldn’t travel to other regions of Russia by e-visa. You can only visit the specific region it was issued for (and enter it only once, too!). It means that you cannot fly to St. Petersburg via Moscow! And you can’t visit Moscow with e-visa.